Like most successful businesses today, they look for ways to improve their  bottom line. One way to achieve optimal savings is to upgrade to LED lighting. LEDs can save your business up to 80% of the energy currently consumed by your lighting. LEDs also produce a superior quality of light and last 5 times longer on average when compared to traditional technologies. We also provide a full financing package for lighting projects through our ERSA™ (Energy Reduction Services Agreement) program.


Our extensive product range covers every business and commercial lighting application, and continues to evolve following extensive (and ongoing) technical assessments of the LED product market. We guarantee your customized LED lighting solution will be designed to meet your specific business needs. We offer the following product lines:

■ LED High Bay Lighting      ■ Retrofit Kits
■ LED Low Bay Lighting       ■ Controls
■ LED Floodlights                 ■ Emergency Backup
■ LED Panels                         ■ Solar Powered LED Street Lights
■ LED Lamps                         ■ HVAC
■ LED Tubes & Bulbs            ■ Emergency Lights