Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. is a renewable energy technology company and global market leader in developing and manufacturing LED technologies, smart sensors and networking systems, with innovative approaches to off-grid and on grid emergency management networked solutions for commercial, domestic, international, and government markets.

With Halogen and incandescent lights being phased out, there is no doubt that LEDs are now the new standard in today’s lighting technology. With our Complete Lighting Solution, and utilizing proven technology, we can create a custom LED lighting design that will improve your bottom line with $0 out of pocket cost!

With Neo Lights, you can reduce your lighting electricity usage by 50% to 80% from current levels. Through our sister company, Photonic Capital, you can have access to our ERSA (Energy Reduction Services Agreement) program. Clients can replace conventional lights with LED solutions through a turnkey program that includes lights, fixtures, controls, installation, and ongoing maintenance — all for a single fixed monthly charge.